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Natural tableware

In the quest to generate minimal waste, as well as do something different and at the same time take care of the economy, we are making natural tableware with the shells and shells of all the seafood we work with.

After a long artisan process we ensure that our pieces withstand heat, have no pores and are beautiful and comfortable for the diner.

Jardín urbano


A unos quince kilómetros del restaurante tienen también un proveedor que les surte de productos de la huerta, con el que intercambian el par de juegos de recipientes de vidrio dedicados específicamente para ese fin, con lo que el residuo que generan en ese caso es prácticamente nulo. 

Traceability plan and local product

In the quest to offer the diner a better vision of the fishing gear and the ways of capturing the raw material with which we work, we offer in our logbook some pages where the diner can see where everything comes from, how it has been fish, etc. Thus giving total transparency about our products and their origin.

We recycle, reuse and reuse. Everything in our fish

and seafood is used (for now except the gills)

cuaderno bitacora abarike
plan de trazabilidad abarike

Recycling and zero waste

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