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Straight from the Vigo rula, the large specimen was caught last night in Cantabrian waters and could be one of the "largest pixins in Spain"

Direct from the Vigo rula and caught last night in Cantabrian waters, a large specimen of monkfish weighing 55 kilos arrived today at the Abarike restaurant , "one of the largest pieces of pixín recorded in Spain", as investigated by the chef Lara Roguez since their official fish and seafood distributor, Pescas Noyger, informed them of the discovery of the "great monster."

The imposing pixín arrived at the restaurant's kitchens this morning, around 12:00 p.m., but only so that the team could look at it fascinated and work hard to "get it out of the box." For the restaurant's diners to be able to try a bite of the immense specimen, they will have to wait until Monday, when the chef from Gijón will snore it under the watchful eye of the Conexión Asturias cameras, which will broadcast live the very special ritual of butchering it. .

In his establishment, included in the Michelin Guide, Roguez had already worked with "large pixines, weighing 20 or so kilos", but the weight and size of this particular one is far outside the norm, since monkfish is a fish of which large pieces are not usually found. Furthermore, the great pixín "is usually very watery," says the cook, "but this has not been the case and that is why we decided to bring it, because it has extremely good quality for that weight."

They also explain from the restaurant that pixín is one of the most popular dishes on their menu and that "people really like it." "We prepare it in a papillote, with seasonal mushrooms and a sauce that we emulsify with leek and boletus ash," says Lara. As she herself concludes, now they will have enough quantity so that "it will be on the menu and on the menu for a good season," for sure.

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